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Eurovision meets Digital Humanities: a soundtrack for Hamburg

Engelbert Rumpelstiltskin Humperdinck will go down in history as the most weirdly named Eurovision singer ever — an honor that every Eastern European performer would have borne with pride. But Sweden? Seriously? How did that happen? The woman didn’t even bake anything on stage.

To celebrate the best Europe has to offer in terms of multicultural and multilingual poetics, I will be organizing a Eurovision sing-along at the forthcoming Digital Humanities conference in Hamburg. Steve Ramsey and Vika Zafrin have already RSVPed. Natasha Ermolaev will be forced to participate, if she wants to stay my friend. Everybody is welcome.

There were many absolutely brilliant entries in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but in honor of DH2012 we will perform only those songs that actually reflect and contribute to the ongoing debates in the field of Digital Humanities.

Top contenders so far:

Big-tent Digital Humanities
“The cat is happy, the dog is happy, the cat is happy, the dog is happy, we are in a wonderful mood and very happy, we are in a wonderful mood, oh joy” – Party for everybody, Buranovskiye Babushki (Russia)

If you can’t program, you don’t do DH (but don’t blame it on Steve)
“If you wanna come to my house, then click me with your mouse” – The Social Network Song, Valentina Monetta (San Marino)

More hack, less yack
“Come on and boom-boom” – Party for everybody, Buranovskiye Babushki (Russia)

Digital humanities is the hottest thing in the humanities
I’m a joker
I’m a rocker
I’m a smoker
Hold me baby, love me baby, forever, ever, ever
I’m a shocker
I’m a poker
Got no fear, got no tear baby
Never and never.
I’m a Joker, Anri Jokhadze (Georgia)

DH is capitalism’s revenge on the humanities
I don’t like snobizam, nacionalizam, puritanizam,
I am different organizam.
My heroizam is pacifizam, altruizam,
I enjoy biciklizam, liberalizam,
tourizam, nudizam, optimizam.
It is good for reumatizam. — Euro Neuro, Rambo Amadeus (Montenegro)

DH’ers don’t do research, they just build tools
“This trumpet makes you my girl” — Lăutar, Pasha Parfeny (Moldova)

Is there cultural criticism in the Digital Humanities?
“Mi chico bonito, un poco negrito, ven papito, ven aca” — Mandinga, Zaleilah (Romania)

And, as a special bonus…

The Digital Humanities Deutschland karaoke party favorite
“Dein Popo hat Gefühle, Dein Popo ist ein Teil von dir, Setz ihn nicht auf die Stühle, Dein Popo hat eine Meinung, yeah” — Woki mit deim Popo, Trackshittaz (Austria)

[Your booty has feelings, Your booty is a part of you, Don’t just leave it on chairs, Your booty has an opinion, yeah]

Any other suggestions?

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